Creating the Talbo, the most beautiful car in the world
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A collection of photographs of our new office, showroom, and workshop in West Palm Beach, Florida


Engine: Chevrolet LS3 6.2Litre (376 cu in) V8

Horsepower: 430 hp @5900 rpm

Torque: 424 lb-ft @ 4600 rpm

E-ROD systems include complete emissions equipment, including catalytic converters and a fuel tank evaporative emissions canister, along with an engine control module calibrated for a balance of performance and efficiency.


Automatic: 4L65-E

  • Five-pinion gearsets

  • 3.06 first gear ratio, 0.70 overdrive ratio

  • 30-3/4 inches long (approx.)


Manual: T56 six speed

  • Slip-yoke design, 40-tooth reluctor ring

  • 2.66 first gear ratio, 0.63 overdrive ratio

  • 33.6 inches long (approx.)

Final drive: 3.08 with LSD



Wheelbase: 100”

Overall length: 170”

Overall height: 53”

Overall Width: 70”

Ground clearance: 7.75”

Curb Weight: 3000 lbs

Weight Distribution: 50% front / 50% rear


Layout: Perimeter frame

Material: laser cut steel, fully boxed and enclosed, interior coated, exterior powder coated

Suspension: independent suspension front and rear, coil-overs

Steering: rack and pinion with power assist

Brakes: Wilwood calipers Front, Ford rear

Wheels: Dayton Wire wheels 17” or 18” with full sized spare


Standard equipment:

Air conditioning, power windows, door locks, six way power adjustable seats, stereo, tilt steering wheel, Alarm.